Choosing an Airline and Flying Tips for First Time Flyers

If you are flying for the first time, you would want to have the best seats in the house, or rather, in the airplane. Today’s air travellers have the internet to help them find the best airlines. However, proper research takes more than just a random search through Google or other search engines.

1. Air Travel Websites
Websites, such as, help you see the ratings of passengers regarding their experience working with the airline. Ratings are very helpful, and you can read their comments regarding the security, baggage handling, stewards and other details you can find useful to make your flight feel comfortable.

2. Read Up on Vehicles
With the risk of aircraft accidents, reading up on air vehicles and aircrafts can be crucial to calm your nerves. First-time fliers will always have these jitters, but reading up on the specifications and safety of the vehicles will help them know what to do in case of emergencies. It would also help them know that aircrafts are virtually impregnable as they are made with modern methods to the highest quality.

3. Baggage
Only carry things you really need for your flight. If you are headed for a summer destination, wearing lighter clothes is always very important. You will not need to bring a big luggage bag with you as you travel.

Some Ways to Get By Airport Security and to your Flight Fast

Airport security is essential. As it increases, so does your safety, but it means strenuous time in airport baggage and personal inspection, and the confiscation of several items not allowed on the airplanes. To improve your time faster in the airport, do the following.

Slip Ons, Small Bags and Friendly Bags
There are security-friendly laptop bag cases that help you speed through security. This ensures your equipment can be inspected without much hassle. You could also wear slip-on shoes, which are easier to take off upon personal inspection Sundries bags are also convenient because you do not have to open and close them.

Online Check In
You could check yourself in online if you’re only carrying hand-baggage. This saves you lots of time because you may not be reissued another boarding pass and you could just pass through the entire security in a breeze.

Taking a cab is more expensive but parking your car can take up 50% of your time inside an airport. Some airports post about parking lot statuses in their websites. You could check these in advance to help you find a perfect spot or if you need an off-airport lot.

Document Preparation
As you enter the airport, be sure you have all your credentials in a neat folder or envelope, which will help you provide all the needed information without taking much time.

Injury Compensation Claims: Impairment and Loss of Consortium

I had a friend who worked in heavy industry. He was assigned in construction, specifically operating specialized forklifts because of the special nature of the supplies they need for their projects. At one point, he had to manual-handle some of the supplies to the above floors of their projects.

At one point, the repetition of this job had cost him his arms. His right shoulder was permanently dislocated. Fortunately for him, the insurance covered his medical bills and lost income for at least two years. But then, I felt that it was unfair because what will happen to him after the insurance payments run out?

My friend has no retirement plan yet, but he has a permanent impairment that caused loss of consortium. I think the company must be responsible for him in such a case because technically, it was not part of his job description to carry some of the objects manually.

I consulted a no win no fee claim expert regarding his predicament. Analyzing my friend’s current situation, it was clear in his contract that he was only to provide mechanical service and not manual and physical work. The expert said that the injury compensation claim could be pushed.

After three months of refusal and contesting, it was ruled that my friend receive loss of consortium compensation from the company because of overstepped responsibility.

Why Rail Travelling Is Quite Better Than Planes

Planes can guarantee you a smooth flight that will only take hours to your destination. It is also the best way to travel if you have heavy baggage, assuming you do not mind paying additional costs. But you could also travel to different places using trains.

1. Europe
Unless you are rushing for a business trip, travelling via train in Europe is highly advisable because 130 British cities are now connected through the Eurostar network. The Eurostar network also connects Derby to Paris in just four hours. It would be a joke to take a plane to go to different countries in Europe when you have a more affordable and quick option.

2. No More Long Drives
Airports are usually situated in places distant from metropolises and trademark cities, which disorient many travellers easily with long cab drives and a high tendency of getting lost. Train terminals normally stop at its main station and could get you off at a station nearest to your destined city.

3. Convenience
Trains have no luggage check-ins, passport control and security. You just need a clearance to get to other countries. You could hand carry your luggage in any manner you wish. You could even rent a bunk bed to sleep in if you have a long train ride.

Ensuring Your Identity is Protected As You Travel

Identity theft is a very common traveller problem. As you are forced to use many public access networks with your mobile device and public terminals that will ask for your personal identification, you risk your information going to the wrong hands. However, if you know proper identity protection, you have a chance of protecting your finances, assets and your identity as well.

1. Passwords
Always change your passwords ever two weeks and always memorize your new password. Never write them, leave them in mobile devices or have public terminals remember your credentials. Anybody with your password will have easy access to your personal accounts.

2. Confirmation Procedures
Websites including Google, Paypal, Yahoo and iTunes make use of confirmation procedures when users are logging into their personal accounts. This sends a security code that only your mobile phone number or another secure email you have will receive. This prevents those who know your password to access your account from access.

3. Shredding
After you withdraw anything from an ATM or get the billing statement for any transaction you make, be sure to get rid of these documents either by shredding them or by making them unrecognizable. You could use white-out paint or tear up the documents effectively.

Advantages of Traveling With a Light Baggage

Travelling can really become hassle-free if you decide to travel with less baggage on your end. Packing enough for a trip that could fit a backpack or a small bag does wonders for relaxation and stress management.

1. Less Fees
The smaller fees you pay for luggage handling is the most obvious reason for carrying lighter during travels. You don’t only have to stress yourself pulling on a stroller or handling a large duffel bag on and off airports, buses and other means of transportation, you also pay less for hand-carried luggage and eases your burden effectively.

2. More Travel Spots
The burden of luggage can limit the travel areas you could head to during your vacation. If you’re planning a trip in the entire European continent, moving from buses to trains is a breeze with lighter luggage. For you own safety, lesser luggage also means lesser security concerns as there are less things you can lose.

3. Accommodations
You could easily stay for the night almost anywhere. Couchsurfing is a great possibility if you’re only carrying a small backpack without much valuables. Most backpackers further enjoy their vacations because of their small luggage, smaller fees and more money for things that make the vacation worthwhile.

Tips on Surviving A Long Airplane Ride

Taking an 8 hour flight can help you save costs from hotel accommodations and expensive airport and hotel food, but such a long flight could be something dragging and uncomfortable if you’re not prepared. Here are a few things you could do to ease your burden during a very long flight.

1. Good Seat
In many cases, airplanes have seats more special in the same class than other seats; it takes a bit of a sharp eye and luck to get one. These seats are located in the aisles, near the exit row seats that provide you better leg rooms or window seats for those looking to sleep. These good seats ensure that you could be more comfortable during your flight.

2. Pillows
Travel pillows, which are pillows that wrap around your neck, can be very convenient if you’re going to sleep sitting down. You could also prepare eyemasks and head restraints if you need those.

3. Entertainment
While most long-flight airplanes have their own music and movies, these may not suit all audiences or even comfort passengers. You might want to bring along your own portable entertainment system in an iPad or tablet or a small phone.

4. Headphones
Headphones, especially noise-cancelling headphones, allow you to isolate your ears from the sounds, especially the engine noise. If you’re sleeping, this is very convenient as you could feel right at home, or nearest to such, with the quiet you have.

PPI Claims Tips: Several Reasons Why Banks Delay Customers

It is plain to see that banks are still unwilling to cooperate in refunding customers mis sold payment protection insurance even if their compensation bill is reaching more than £11 billion. Despite the FOS and economists warning banks that their actions are only increasing the compensation bill, banks delay customers due to the following reasons.

1. Costly
Banks need to generate more capital before they could provide their products and services, which includes redressing the insurance policy. To generate more capital, they will need more time. This is one reason why the Financial Conduct Authority’s investigation revealed that most of the 12 faulty financial companies cannot give a good explanation to customer delays.

2. PPI Calculator Companies
Despite efficiency, many PPI calculator company specialists are condemned by banks using the reason that the companies get 25% of their customers’ redress, which drive up the UK compensation bill.

3. Avoiding Claims
Redressing means giving out money, and Deloitte’s little scandal involving several superiors from the company unveiled in a UK local newspaper proves that banks are still trying to avoid claims to save their capital, which is clearly unfair for customers

Anybody mis sold PPI could get a complete estimate of their refund by using a PPI calculator UK claims companies provide.

Tips on Speeding Across the Airport Security Checks

Airport security checks take a great amount of time to deal with and sometimes, you might feel that you are violated by the intensive checks. You could avoid these problems by doing the following.

1. Trusted Traveler Program
In the United States, the TSA’s Trusted Traveler Program is available in most airports. These will help you get pre-screened. The TSA will inspect and interview you earlier than the security lines in the airport. You would not have to take off your shoes or all your belongings.

2. Inspection-Friendly Cases
Luggage cases that are inspection friendly could be purchased in different malls. So before you leave, you could purchase zip-shut sundry bags and inspection friendly laptop cases. You could even purchase some slip-on shoes to avoid the trouble of having to re-tie your shoelaces after the inspection.

3. Organize
Security will ask for your ID and boarding pass, so make sure that you organize your items to places that you could remember. This will help you avoid fumbling for things as you look for your identification. You could choose to organize these at home or before you enter airport security.

4. Know the Procedure
Airport securities usually post information about the inspections passengers will be subject to in their websites. Knowing the procedure helps you prepare the things you’ll need to hand over and the mental preparation for some invasive inspection that the airport security might perform.

How to Sleep in Airports

Airline cancelled your flight due to a storm? You could be holed up for days inside an airport. But, aside from keeping you safe until the weather permits your flight, sleeping in airports also helps you save some money in the process. Here are a few tips to sleep comfortably in airports.

1. Sleeping Stuff
Some generous airports who understand that some travellers are stranded due to a delayed flight caused by a storm could provide sleeping cots and pillows. Some airports even provide toiletries and food coupons to last one to two days.

2. Change of Clothes
If you intend to stay in the airport to wait for your flight, always have a change of clothes and carry a sweatshirt or jacket with you. Airports could become cold and you could use your jackets or sweatshirt as blankets while you sleep.

3. Medication
Some people might find it difficult to sleep if not in a bed. As you would be sleeping most of the time on the ground or on the waiting chairs, it is best you bring some sleeping supplements and medication with you. However, consult a medical professional before consuming any over-the-counter sleeping supplement.

4. Valuables
Always keep your valuables closes to you. Your mobile phone, jewelry and cash should always remain in your pockets. Your luggage must be between you and your wall. You could use your luggage as a pillow as well. Try to tie your bag around a chair so that you would be alarmed if someone took your valuables.